No 1-25-06-13

Product Type

Siliceous sand with principal constituents of quartz and quartzite, for use in construction works, road building, mortar products and soil treatment.

Type, Batch or Serial Number

As per date and details on weighbridge ticket.

Intended Use.

As a fine aggregate for use as an ingredient in concrete products, asphalt mixes, surface dressing, mortar products, soil treatment operations or similar.

Name of manufacturer

Titsey Estate Company

Moorhouse Sandpit



TN16 2EU

Contact Name

Mr Terry Rolfe, Quarry Manager at the above address

System of Assessment (as per the Construction Products Regulations)

System 4

Covered by the following Harmonised Standards

BS EN 13043

Aggregates for Bituminous Mixtures

BS EN 13139

Aggregates for Mortar

Declared Performance

Particle Size

Particle Density

Composition /Content levels

Soluble Chloride



Water Absorption

The performance of the products in points 1 & 2 is in conformity of the declared performance in point 8.

The declaration of performance is issued under the responsibility of the quarry operator identified in point 4